Sunday, November 13, 2011


It has been an interesting month! Life at Jerusalem School Bethlehem is challenging and fun!
5th and 6th grade girls, post- hamburgers!
 I got to go with the High School soccer team and Junior High basketball teams to Hertzeliya in Northern Israel. It was so much fun to see them play (I have now become a big fan of basketball.. which is VERY surprising, especially to me!) I loved getting to cheer for the Jr. High girls! They were each about a foot shorter then the girls on the other team, but the did a great! And afterwards we went to a mall and ate McDonalds (a very exciting treat for the girls, as there is no McDonalds in Palestine.)

snapped just as we were goign through the checkpoint

It was an interesting experience traveling through the checkpoint on a bus full of Palestinians, but God was good and all the students were able to make it through for the basketball and soccer tournaments!

Jr. High team, getting some quick direction from Coach Chaun (pronounced Shawn)

 Over all it was an amazing trip filled with fun! The bus ride was great, some girls taught me Arabic verb conjugation!

One amazing part was that after we went to the mall, we went to a park. Now this was not just any park, this was the MOST amazing outdoor, free, public park. It was so cool, that I saw high school boys running to it! There was an over two story high slide and zip line!

Even though Hertzeliya is only 2 hours away, there is a world of difference. It was just wonderful to see this students just being free and having fun. It was even fun to watch them eat McDonald's.

-K Day

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