Friday, October 7, 2011

home across the street from Miss Graces' house

I am an unreliable blogger! But here are some pictures and short little tid bits.
View form my bedroom window
Beit Jala
So, I actually live in Beit Jala. 
Beit Jala, Beit Lahem (Bethlehem) and Beit Sahour are three cities that have grown together. It is funny, but there is a lot of town pride. At class, the students will compete as people from Beit Sahour and from Beit Lahem. And it is very meaningful to them!

Garden outside my principal, Miss Graces' house

UN Statehood poster.
These were EVERYWHERE and there are flags EVERYWHERE
While I was grading I noticed a student's notebook. the longing is expressed everywhere.
Students notebook

 We are reading Indian in the Cupboard in class. I asked the students to image what
it would be like to be Little Bear (the plastic Indian that comes alive when put into the magical cupboard) when he first found himself in a dark place (the cupboard) and no longer in Iroquois lands.

This is a sample response:

"I feal so scared, I would poop my pants. I would say "Where am I?" Then a door would opens and I see a  umagise (humongous) monsters I would poop my pants again. Then say "Unfreakable!"Then die back to a toy.

I am learning how to live a completely different life. But loving it!

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